Hacking Valentine’s Day to make more revenue as a business

As a business owner, there are specific holidays that directly influence your sales within that time period. Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and that means people are demonstrating love to those they care about. This automatically means that gestures would be made to partners, family, friends during or before Valentine’s Day. This day should be marked and planned for seriously in order to make higher returns for your business.

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For online businesses that do not have a physical location, marketing & logistics are most important. New & repeat customers have to know about your product offerings, and they must be delivered on time. Below are steps for both categories that you can directly increase your sales this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Bundle your product(s) and offer discounts

In order to increase sales, merchants can bundle different items within their inventory at a discounted rate in order to attract more buyers. Whatever you sell, from food items to clothing and even accessories, grouping them together could help customers see them as better gifts for their loved ones. Providing differentiated packaging and discounts for these bundles would incentivize customers to spend as they will assume they are ‘saving money. These are also easier to market than single items, whether through social media or on your website.

Have a price list available across social media

It is becoming largely common that buyers especially in Nigeria have a pet peeve with businesses that say ‘DM for prices’ when posting products they sell. It reduces your sales conversion and also negates your marketing efforts. Even as you aggressively market your products in preparation for Valentine’s day, ensure that prices are attached to the content you share with customers.

Personalize content you share for the holiday

Valentine is a day for love and hearts represent that. Incorporating that into your content, with the color of love(red) helps set the mood for your customers. Buyers that love the holiday would be drawn to your account because of how personalized your items are being displayed. Cold calling is also effective as long as communication has been made with repeat customers. Make the discussion casual, then remind them about the upcoming holiday and if they’ll need gifts for their loved ones.

Simplifying your logistics operations

As an online vendor in Nigeria, your customers are segmented very differently. They live across 36 states and prefer different payment methods. One thing that is common with your customers is seeking ease of purchase. Everyone wants to buy items online & get them delivered in the luxury of their home or office. This means that your logistics operations must work. Whether it’s by having a dispatch rider on stand-by or partnering with a logistics provider. However, ShipBubble makes all of this incredibly easy. You can use ShipBubble to compare prices from different delivery providers and get discounted rates of up to 40% without creating an account. Manage your orders, track all your deliveries all in one place using ShipBubble. Focus on marketing & selling your products, while we manage logistics for you. This simplifies your operations and in turn, makes it easier to facilitate large volumes of orders.

Logistics without ShipBubble
Logistics with ShipBubble

As Valentine’s day draws closer, implementing these tips could help you as an online vendor make more sales & manage deliveries better in the coming week.

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