How to Package Products for Shipping

Here at Shipbubble, we offer the services of delivering items of any size, fragility, and stature worldwide. We guarantee items are transported safely and provide insurance for your items in any case of mishaps. But to avoid bad news on any fragile or unpackaged items regardless of the size and shape of your shipment, you’ll learn from this article the proper way to package your product before release, to ensure its safety during shipping.

How do I package my Clothing Items and Jewellery?

These are the most accessible handling items and the least prone to damage while in transit. Placing the clothing item(s) in a plastic bag and sealing it with tape is an acceptable packaging method for clothing items to prevent staining. In the case of bulk clothing items being sent out for deliveries, a sealable bag such as the “Ghana must go” bag could replace the nylon bag. Whereas for jewelry and other accessories such as glasses, watches, etc. Place the item in a cardboard box or envelope and fill the package with the cushioning material for up to two inches in height. Then, place the product and center it in the box or envelope. After that, put in the rest of the cushioning materials and avoid overfilling.

How do I package Perfume oils, Makeup and Skincare products?

These products are sensitive to moisture and their nature being either liquid or semi-liquid, encounter different locations and experience different temperature levels in transit which could be damaging to the goods, the cosmetics must retain room temperature and are cushioned and sealed properly to prevent spillage. Proper cushioning around your item’s casing reduces the chance of breakage even if your shipment encounters any mishap during transit. Use dense cushioning materials like Styrofoam, foam, or bubble wrap, which is commercially easy to find, to reinforce the box. Also, avoid paper or packaging peanuts (bubble wrap) for large bulky products as they compress easier than other types of cushioning materials.

How do I package kitchenware, Fragile or Sharp items?

Oddly shaped items and sharp/ dangerous kitchenware, including chinaware and other items that are not circular or rectangular, are oddly shaped materials. These are tricky to package, but the key is to choose packaging materials that allow easy wrapping while also providing adequate protection to both the logistics rider and the customer.

Firstly, the item(s) should be placed in polythene wrap before being heavily cushioned and packaged into what could be a strong nylon bag or box, which is then sealed and sent out for delivery. In the case of bulk chinaware or glass content, items should not all be forced together but separated into batches for packaging, each batch not weighing more than 4kg each to prevent any damage.

How do I package my Books for Shipping?

Although books may seem to be sturdy items to ship, they still need to be properly packaged to ensure they are not damaged by liquids or rough handling.

Wrap your books in plastic or polythene, sandwich them in cardboard, add padding to the box or nylon you intend to ship, and centralize the item in its package. When shipping in bulk, padding the large box’s foundation with cushioning materials and placing the books wrapped in nylon in the center is an acceptable packaging method as it reduces the probability of the books getting creased in transit.

How do I package Electronic Devices or Appliances for Shipping?

With the advances in modern technology, electronic devices remain extremely vulnerable when in transit. As we are relying more on technology, it is necessary to devise a system that permits you to pack your electronic devices safely and ensure they remain that way while being shipped.

When packing your electronic devices, each one should be sealed into its packaging and then placed in a larger container where it can be surrounded with bubble wrap or pieces of foam to prevent it from moving during transit. Ideally, the closer the size of the packaging is to your product, the easier it will be to stop it from making unnecessary movements during transit that could cause any damage. It is also mandatory that the product is shut down before being packaged, as it will help ensure the battery does not become drained in transit or heated while traveling.

In addition, there may be manufacturer’s guidelines on how the device should be turned off, and such instructions should be followed strictly.

As for electrical appliances, put your electronic device in its original packaging. Close the box and seal it with adhesive tape. Wrap the package in bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of protection. Lastly, place the package in a larger box and seal it.



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